5 Ingredient Adaptogen Mask You Can Make at Home

Do you suffer from dry and inflamed skin due to mild eczema? Is your skin acne prone? Need a little skin TLC with ingredients you have in your pantry. Then this DIY mask is for you!

If you were born was with eczema like I was, or any type of skin condition, then you were probably taught to care for your skin at a very young age. That’s how I’ve been able to keep my mild eczema under control all these years. Moisturizing DAY AND NIGHT and if I forgot about it I paid the price of feeling like a stiff alligator . My skincare routine, face and body, is a rigorous ritual of mine but during the winter I still have flare ups.

Over the last couple of years, health physicians and doctors have been linking some eczema to certain foods and lifestyles. If you feel like you’ve tried everything possible and nothing is changing(for any type of health issue) it’s important to take a look at your environment and what you’re eating.

For myself, these last few months I’ve been trying to pin point what foods are also causing me to have flareups related to my eczema. It’s been a LONG road.

My flareups can be caused by certain foods and I’m still trying to pinpoint if it’s soy or certain gluten grains or dairy. On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to eat something that didn’t agree with my body and the next day, POOF! Actually, that’s wrong. For food sensitivities you’ll be able to tell right away within a couple of hours if you’re reacting to something. My eyelids started to dry out, my face started to swell, and when I woke up my face was covered in splotches, the dryness was unbearable, and the texture of my skin was rough.

Sound familiar? Usually when this happens, my face particularly will stay like this anywhere from 4 to 7 days and even though we’re in a social media society of everyone accepting their flaws.. it’s really hard not to be self conscious when something happens to your face.


Let’s get to the reason why you’re actually here. THE CHAGA MASK. If you’ve been following me then you know I’m obsessed with chaga right now. Chaga tea, chaga coffee, and chagacinnos like The True Spoon makes. So I thought, I might as well put it on my face. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mask consists of five ingredients: honey, chaga, turmeric, pepper, and jojoba oil. This mask can also be used if you suffer from Acne not just eczema even though they’re very different.

The 5 Ingredients:
Chaga, Honey, Turmeric, Black Pepper, & Jojoba Oil


The Chaga mushroom, also know as King Healer, is a nutrient dense superfood packed with antioxidants to support your skin and immune system.. Chaga is known for being high in vitamin b complex, iron, vitamin d, and amino acids to name a few. I get my Chaga and other adaptogens from Sun Potion because I know they source the highest quality foods from around the world and I love their philosophy. I can only vouch for Sun Potion’s Chaga when explaining the texture but it’s very similar to a ground coffee which makes it a gentle exfoliant while washing the mask off.


Honey is a natural humectant which is super important when battling winter skin, eczema, and acne because it will preserve the moisture in your skin. If you’re acne prone it can prevent some peeling and dryness that other acne treatments can cause.


Since turmeric contains curcumin it can provide all natural pain relief but mostly what it’s known for is it’s ability to fight inflammation which is 100% the reason why I chose this power house ingredient for this mask. To help SOOTHE angry skin due to excess inflammation. I get my Turmeric from Navitas Organics because of how they source their products and work to better the greater good.

Black Pepper

This ingredient is key for activating the curcumin because unfortunately our bodies won’t absorb the curcumin(or it’s benefits) if it’s not activated. Black pepper contains the bioactive compound piperine which can enhance the curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%. So why not add a pinch of pepper right?

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba isn’t just fun to say it’s also an emollient. Emollients soften dry, rough, flakey skin, making it look and feel better. Jojoba oil is super healing for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Jojoba oil also regulates sebum production(the oil that we naturally produce) and if you’re acne prone you probably make too much so it’s a regulator it helps prevent acne caused by clogged pores.

Let’s make a mask


—1 TBSP of organic honey
—1/2 TSP of Sun Potion Chaga
—1/8 TSP of Navitas Turmeric
—1 pinch of organic black pepper
—4 drops of organic jojoba oil

Mix all ingredients in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon, apply to face for 15 — 25 minutes. Wash off the mask with warm water by using a gently circular motion to exfoliate the skin and finish off with a splash of cold water.

NOTE: The turmeric will not stain your face but it will stain your clothes so just be mindful of that. In the occasion that the turmeric does stain your skin, just use your favorite gentle exfoliator and it should come right off.

Follow up with your usual skincare routine and enjoy your new happy, healthy, revitalized glowy look!


Is this something you’d be interested in trying yourself? I’d love to know if you made this mask! Let me know if you have any favorite face masks you’ve made to accommodate your personal skin issues because I’d love to hear about it.