2018 In Review



Running into 2019 blinking, not one lash extension left, with no pressure or expectations – just gratitude and excitement.. but I wouldn’t mind less blinking in photos

As we go into our last month of 2018 I think it’s important to think about the accomplishments you’ve made and also how you want to close out the year over the next several weeks. 2018 was a hard year for many since it was a year of growth and reflection. Looking at the truth can be difficult and growth doesn’t come in pleasantries but both are rewarding when you get around to it and learn the lessons the universe has handed you.

Ask your self these questions:

—What was your biggest growth this year? Was it in your career, relationship, and or self?
—What were your biggest challenges or hardships and how did you overcome them? Most importantly what did you learn from it?
—What were 3 good things that happened that stick out to you?

  1. My biggest growth this year was learning to acknowledge and respect my boundaries which trickles to all parts of my life. Career, relationship, physical activity and spirituality. When acknowledging and respecting your boundaries you’re not only giving yourself permission to say no to things but also giving yourself permission to ask for what you deserve and say YES to those things.

  2. Going through my breakup was the most empty I’ve ever felt. If you kept up with me over this year you know I was really open and honest with my feelings. I wanted to be as transparent as I could with my followers which in turn made me transparent with myself which I then learned I never was. Although I’ve always been someone that’s very open about being “emotional” and love that I have the ability to feel, I’ve never been someone to just SIT in my feelings and learn from them — I learned to be patient through this process and was forced to look inwards. I couldn’t blame my partner for what I was feeling. I couldn’t be angry anymore and had to let go. This was the first time I TRULY felt lighter and peaceful. To let go of anger towards someone and not just say “I’m not angry anymore” are two completely different things. This is where I learned to exist with more grace and truly stand alone. Standing alone is where I felt more strength and learned that standing alone does not mean you’re lonely.

  3. This year has gifted me with an abundance of good. Good people, good food, good experiences, and the true belief of self love and respect. I learned how to say no, say yes, and how to walk away. I graduated from my year long holistic nutrition program. I learned from my failures and grew. I put my priorities in order. I traveled and made time for friends. I am actively rebuilding my relationship with love and trust. Mostly, I just feel great.

It’s easy for us as humans to focus on the negative aspects because we hold on to our failures. It takes a present mind and self reflection to focus on the good.

I think it’s important to reflect on these things especially with the energy of the new moon in Sagittarius asking us to take a risk. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.