What’s in my coffee?

So lets get to it. Beefing up one's morning cup of coffee has been an extreme trend that has trickled down from the health and wellness communities to the mainstream. If you haven't noticed then maybe It hasn't trickled down yet but about five years ago I definitely wasn't seeing "Butter Coffee" in the refrigerated to go area at the grocery stores. From butter, to proteins, to beauty products, to adaptogens, to medicinal mushrooms the list can go on and the road to cluster fuck in your brain will also happen so I'm here to give the tiniest insight to what I'm currently putting in my coffee and why!

My coffee drinks vs. some other influencers that I follow is pretty simple.

—Some type of delicious coffee
—Fourth & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee
—Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
NutPods Non-Dairy Creamer in Hazelnut

This would sort of be the basic or intro or simply the base of a wellness/bulletproof coffee. So "technically" it's not a "Bullet Proof" coffee, which is totally fine, because to be honest I don't know if I really need to be taking MCT oil or Brain Octane. You should really and always figure out THE WHY behind the reason you want to add supplements, adaptogens, etc to your diet before you start scooping spoonfuls of stuff into what many of us like to call our morning ritual. #LISTENTOYOURBODY.

1. The Coffee

TBH I am not a coffee connoisseur. Starbucks and I are BFFs when I'm not trying to save $$$ and when I'm not doing a round of Whole30 but when I am feeling a little fancy I do like to buy Philz Tesora blend.

2. Collagen Peptides

Everyday I like to get my collagen in whether its in my coffee or my smoothie. 1-2 Spoonfuls are the recommended serving amount per day. Vital Proteins is the only brand I've ever tried as far as collagen peptides go and I have been curious about other brands such as Primal Kitchen and Dr. Axe but one of the reasons why I love Vital Proteins is because it doesn't change the consistency of the coffee or whatever you decide to put it in(unless you accidentally grabbed the gelatin instead). I can only stomach 1 scoop in my coffee because even though it says its unflavored I can still taste it and I DO NOT like tasting things that deem themselves as "unflavored" but I mean, its a very MILD taste.

What is collagen?

Well, wikipedia says that it’s the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues. Basically, if you use this(type 1 collagen), it helps promote healthy skin, nails, hair, and joints — it’s the glue that holds everything together. Another reason why you see anti-aging skin serums that claim to help with collagen production. Naturally, as we age, our body slowly reduces the amount of collagen it produces and we get things like wrinkles, SAGGING SKIN, and joint pains do to weaker cartilage(I’ve noticed this!!!! Woe’s of turning 30). Collagen also reduces cellulite and stretch marks — think of those connective tissues getting stronger!

From someone in the beauty industry and working with makeup and skin care for 10 years, the benefits listed above are my reasons and motivations of why I put collagen in my coffee or smoothies but there are a lot of other benefits besides the obvious!

Collagen also helps with leaky gut syndrome — think of it as sealing and healing so those toxins won’t be able to pass through the digestive tract. It will soothe the gut lining and heal damaged cell walls infusing them with amino acids.

It also improves liver health! And I’m sure EVERYONE needs a little of that.

3. Ghee

The first question I get a lot isn’t why do I put ghee in my coffee, it’s usually what is ghee. I LOVE ghee. I use it constantly in cooking because it taste just like butter(which we all know tastes like heaven) because it actually IS butter. Ghee is a kind of clarified butter but is simmered longer. The reason I pick ghee over butter for cooking and to put in my coffee is 1. when it comes to cooking it still has that same delicious flavor but it has a higher smoke point meaning it won’t burn on the stove like butter can do so easily 2. since ghee is clarified butter it doesn’t have any of the dairy solubles making this buttery spread whole30 and paleo friendly.

The reason why I put it in my coffee is because it keeps me fuller longer due to the healthy fats and I am CONSTANTLY hungry especially when I’m really active. Ghee is packed with fat soluble vitamins(A, E, and K: that all help maintain healthy vision and glowing skin), strengthens your bones, helps with leaky gut syndrome, packed with fatty acids, and(for me this is a big one) relieves inflammation. Not all inflammation is bad but long term inflammation can cause a slew of chronic illnesses and is the root for a lot of diseases. Think of how acidic coffee is.. drinking it black and on an empty stomach can be really harsh on your gut — the fat from the ghee gives it sort of a cushion.

Some people like the nutty buttery flavor of ghee — personally, if I’m drinking it, I do not so my remedy is to not buy regular ghee but to get naturally sweet tasting one like Fourth and Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee(game CHANGER).

I used to buy ghee at Trader Joes to cook with but once I bought Fourth and Heart after seeing it on IG and it was so smoooooothe and buttery I just couldn’t go back.

4. Nut Pods

I don’t drink my coffee black. I’ve tried. Cannot do it. The vanilla bean ghee helps and makes it a little more tolerable but no. I used to just put almond milk in my coffee but the amount of almond milk vs. coffee was ridiculous and didn’t taste amazing because I would buy the unsweetened versions. Then.. I found NutPods. No real benefits, I just love that there is a creamer that is dairy free, no added sugar, and no unhealthy additives. Thats REALLY hard to find in coffee creamers. It’s vegan, gluten free, non GMO, and OU Kosher.

So thats why I choose NutPods, simply, because they make my coffee more delicious without adding bad stuff and is only 10 calories a serving.

I don’t drink my coffee with ghee in it EVERY DAY. I don’t drink coffee everyday but when I have time, if I’m going to work out, if I have a huge workload or I know I’m going to have a long day, I’ll treat myself to this. It makes me feel like I’m having my special morning time and taking care of my body too.

A lot of people turn to “Bullet Proof” coffee in a way to intermittent fast, replace breakfast, help with their keto diet. I am sensetive to a ton of caffeine so I eat breakfast(hashtag: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY), especially if I know i’m going to work out later, but I don’t eat something crazy — its still WHOLE FOODS.

Hope this helps!