Seattle, Portland, & Biscuits

After spending a food filled thanksgiving with my family, Dan and I took a mini road trip up North. I absolutely am the person that LOVES the holidays. I look forward to them every year and as soon as it's August I can already feel the holiday spirit like a crazy person.

Luckily, I was able to fit in the last day of BBG week 9 thanksgiving morning so my workout was out of the way because my mom always has a pretty big spread for thanksgiving and there was no way I was going to work out later that day. My mom makes the turkey, stuffing, ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, real cranberries, along with some brussles and bacon which is a newer addition for us. She also makes bomb gravy. My mom, hands down, is one of the best cooks and nothing is ever bland or over cooked. Besides our main turkey feast there's always heaps of "pu-pus" for snacking and if you're from hawaii you know what that means. There was home made poke, my dad fried two different kinds of fish in a wok, my aunt made eggrolls, another aunt made crab stuffed mushrooms, and we always have shrimp cocktail and a crab dip every year. So this year, unfortunatley, because I snacked SO MUCH I barely had an appetite for dinner. It was THE SADDEST.

We woke up at 4 AM the next morning(Dan's idea) and took I-5 all the way up to Seattle and the drive was so beautiful.. when I was awake. We took our time taking some pit stops in Oregon and it is seriously one of the most amazing places I've ever seen. It felt so amazing to be out of the city and surrounded by all the green and nature.

For lunch we stopped at Pine State Biscuits on Alberta St. in NE Portland - which is my new favorite neighborhood BTW. They have THE BEST GRAVY I'VE EVER HAD. Like, literally. I got the Money ball(biscuits and gravy topped with an over easy egg — simple and amazing) and Dan got the Reggie(Fried chicken, bacon and cheese in a biscuit topped with gravy) and we shared some cornmeal pancakes, so good. I've actually never had cornmeal pancakes but I loved the texture almost more than regular pancakes.


We stayed in Seattle at an Airbnb for two nights. The first night we just took a serious nap after our long drive, walked around Columbia City and found a little pizza shop called Tutta Bella. For our full day of Seattle we did the usual tourist things: breakfast at a place called Skillet and of course Pike Place Market. I specifially remember eating dim sum snacks the last time I went to Pike Place 10 years ago and I was SO HAPPY to see that Mee Sum Pastry still exists. I could eat all the sesame balls.

SIDE NOTE: So there are these bikes in San Francisco by Ford and I absolutely HATE them, mostly because they take up vital parking places, BUT since I was in a city where no one knew us we rented LimeBikes which are the exact same things as Ford bikes and.. they were so fun to ride around! It was actually my favorite part of the whole Seattle trip.

The next morning we woke up, packed, grabbed a coffee and made our way to Portland. I am in LOVE with Oregon you guys. I need to be there. We took the 101 down from Seattle and the scenery was indescribable. Literally, like a nature calender of the prettiest forrests and coast. Super haunting and beautiful at the same time. We stayed the night at the Ace Hotel and had the most AMAZING dinner at Tasty n Adler. OMG, I will never forget it. 

Beginings: Radichio with bacon lardons, manchego, and chopped six minute egg
Boards: First — Bone Marrow with toast, the most amazing onion marmalade I've ever tasted, with micro greens. Second — the Alder Burger with chubut cheese, house bacon and hazelnut romesco.
Meat: Steak Frites

So good.

And our dessert didn't come till morning when we picked up a box of VooDoo donuts for my mom and dad. We did one more stop at Pine State Biscuits where this time I did the special which was a biscuit made of stuffing, some turkey with a cranberry compote with turkey gravy. Dan had The Chatfield(Fried chicken, bacon and cheese in a biscuit topped with apple butter) and this time we shared some blueberry corn meal pancakes.


Another favorite spot right next to Pine State that I've been craving ever since I came back home is Sip — this really amazing little juice truck that serves hot juice. Not a tea, but juice. It was SO GOOD. I've never had a steamed juice before and I'm obsessed with the Flu Slayer: apple, lemon, ginger, garlic, cayenne, elderberry, echinacea, and oregon grape. It snapped my sour throat away and I need someone in San Francisco to make something like this ASAP!

All in all, we had a great little trip, besides both having deathly colds, and I fell in love Portland.


Places to stay: Ace Hotel
Juice: Sip Juice Cart
Breakfast Treat: VooDoo Donuts
Brunch: Pine State Biscuits
Dinner: Tasty n Adler

Treats: Mee Sum Pastry
Dinner: Kizuki
Things to do: Pike Place Market, Gaslight Park